Get To Know Jess

Herbie +Tea Enthusiast+Cosmic Pisces Dreamer +Taoist Medicine Student

What Is Follow The Wild Dreamer?

Follow the Wild Dreamer is a space for wild dreamers to connect to nature, discover life changing adventures, and find community. My name is Jess Leigh Ryan, owner of Wild Dreamer Farmacy + writer/creator of Follow the Wild Dreamer blog. I am a herbalist, wild and local food advocate, outdoor adventurer, and forever student of taoist medicine.

I believe that finding your true purpose is necessary to build an abundant life of your dreams. This blog is a resource for those that are struggling to find their way. Here you will learn herbalism and taoist medicine by learning how to live by the seasons. Learning new skills around how to grow organic food/medicine, how to connect with plants energetically, how to diagnose patterns of disease/disharmony, how to implement mindfulness practices by connecting to nature, and practicing meditating, qi gong and the way of tea.

The wild dreamer community is a cherished resource for like minded individuals to gather and share inspirational stories and wisdom that help guide each other on a spiritual path.

“There is only one active ingredient in plant medicines: friendship.”

— Elliot Cohen