Autumn Picnic in Beaver Creek

Fall Picnic


Coffee With A View

One of my favorite simple joys in my abundant life is enjoying my morning coffee with a view. Mountain views, ocean views, rolling hills, gardens, and historic brick jungles are everything that speaks to me. If I could start my day with a beautiful view every day I would feel at complete ease and happiness. Starting each day in the best mindful state possible. A view is the best way to relieve the mind and put your greatest ideas together. It is a place to get lost in your thoughts.


Colorful Autumn View

Sometimes you must get outside to really enjoy the best view, you may even have to climb to the tallest peak when it is still dark. But a hike to the top is always worth it once you reach an untouched surrounding landscape. The colorful aspen trees this time of year are always the most welcoming sight to see. And in the Colorado mountains, there is always a beautiful new perspective to discover.


A Morning Picnic

A fall picnic in the mountains right before sunrise sounded like the best way to start my morning. So, I set off to the ski slopes one morning for an open-air breakfast of my own making. Although I woke up extra early I eased myself into the early morning with a canteen full of coffee. As the sunlight, slowly lighted up the sky and the surrounding view I quickly realized that my early morning was well worth it.


Cozy Autumn Mountain Style

The mountains were just starting to get chilly so it was nice and cozy with a wool cardigan and beanie. The wool sweater is a vintage find from one of my favorite Etsy shops Improv Goods, same with the white linen skirt. A hundred percent wool sweater is a must if you live in the mountains. It is the coziest layer to wear on chilly fall days and it is often just as warm as a winter jacket. I now have two, this oatmeal colored one and a charcoal gray one and they are my most worn sweaters this time of year. The cardigan styles make them easiest to throw on over any outfit. And this vintage-inspired one gives me all the vintage Irish girl feels and really adds a classic rustic cottage style to my wardrobe. If your trying to accomplish an authentic mountain style this style sweater is a must.


Toast Knitwear

The beanie is a luxurious knit from a new brand to me called Toast from West Wales. Toast is a brand that aspires for a slower way of living which includes slow fashion. Every piece of clothing that they sell is a work of art. Toast collaborates with the best mills, knitters, weavers, and ceramicists to create European and contemporary designs and everything is made with craftsmanship values and traditions. Their knits are a beautiful investment, but it is worth every penny. One of my favorite places to get inspiration for knitting patterns too, now that I am a knitter, I want to knit all the things, including a Toast style sweater.

I highly recommend you get out on a beautiful autumn day while the weather is still mild and take in a nice view with a cup of coffee and a cozy sweater. There is still a little time left this season to enjoy the outdoors before we hibernate for the winter.

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  5. Goldfields Girl Avatar

    Wow, these images are stunning. I cannot get over the colour of those trees – just beautiful. I love Autumn but it just looks so much more vibrant and pretty in the USA. Also your picnic layout was soo pretty!

    Deneale | Goldfields Girl

    1. windowseatview Avatar

      Thank you Deneale!

  6. […] have been sharing many outfits that I have been finding from this shop on the blog in this post and this post. They are a shop based out of New York. They have had a lot of beautiful pieces that are perfect […]

    1. windowseatview Avatar

      Thank you so much Sarah!!

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