How To Building a Sustainable Wardrobe with Vintage

Vintage Dress

Inspiring Vintage For A Sustainable Wardrobe

We can learn a lot about how to build a sustainable wardrobe from the past. Vintage clothing is something I have always had an interest in. I find a lot of inspiration from old movies and classic style icons. Every decade has something different to offer and there is something to love about every single one. My favorites are the 1920’s and 1950’s styles. Specifically, all of the dresses that they would wear during these time periods. The ideas behind a wardrobe from these decades were simple too. Wardrobes were smaller and carried quality clothing with fabrics that were built to last.


Online Vintage Shops

I haven’t had much time to dedicate to digging through the best vintage shops or thrift stores in the city of Denver. But lately, I have made the intention to buy more second hand and vintage clothing and I have slowly been discovering the online vintage world. I have found some of my favorite shops that consistently add amazing antique and modern vintage that fits my personal style. The vintage addiction has finally settled in and I am ready to plunge into searching every place I can for buried vintage treasure.   

Where to Find Vintage Online For A Sustainable Wardrobe

Starting with my first modern vintage love Improv Goods. I have mentioned this shop before. And I have been sharing many outfits that I have been finding from this shop on the blog in this post and this post. They are a shop based out of New York. And have had a lot of beautiful pieces that are perfect for fall, like this navy blue leaf print dress. They are updating their inventory often so it is always exciting to shop their new vintage finds. If you are shopping for something specific I would highly suggest searching for it first on Etsy or even Poshmark it is really amazing what you may find on there, and everything is always one of a kind and priced reasonably.

Buying vintage clothing is one of the best ways to shop ethically when building a sustainable wardrobe. You are extending the life of a garment by giving it a new home. If we are able to re-wear items that people no longer want then that is less fashion waste in the landfill. Consuming clothing does not have to be at the expense of the environment.

Fast Fashion Production

Clothing production has more than doubled from 2000 to 2014. Fashion consumers are buying 60 percent more clothing now. I know I have made the mistake of buying clothing based on fast trends. I have bought items for one wear that I no longer have a love for. Buying vintage is the perfect way to buy something unique, timeless, and durable for your sustainable wardrobe. I make sure that I invest in good quality closet staples. I often have areas in my closet that are lacking and vintage has been a good place to look for essentials that I can wear every day. The cost of vintage is far less than buying a brand new quality made item. And you can find quality pieces that are made of stronger materials.


The Environmental Cost of Fast Fashion

A $10 shirt at Forever 21 may not come at a great cost to you but it is encouraging cheap labor and the production of cheap textiles at a higher rate. The average garment is only worn three times. And the average American throws away 80 pounds of clothing a year. Fast fashion is created to be disposable so you will continue to buy new clothing at alarming rates.

This is why I encourage to buy items of quality. Paying more for an item of quality means that is an item of value to you and it is something that you intend on wearing a lot. I have my favorite pieces that I have invested in that I have had for many years.  We need to start being more mindful of these choices and take control of our frivolous fashion addictions.


Bending the Rules For A Sustainable Wardrobe

There are many rules that people set in the sustainable fashion world so it is important to follow what is right for you. A minimalist wardrobe is not for everyone. I find they often lack color and pizzaz. I try to follow my fashion sense by sometimes bending the sustainable fashion rules and really just use them as guidelines. If you know yourself well and have a good grasp on your style than all you have to do is find what works for you while keeping in mind your environmental impact.

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  1. Sarah Winton Avatar

    Beautiful dress! What a great find.

    1. windowseatview Avatar

      Thanks girl! It is such a beauty and the print is so perfect for fall. Improv Goods always has so much great vintage!

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