Colorado Hikes: Daniel’s Park

Colorado Hikes Daniel's Park


Spring Is Here

As the weather starts to warm up more and the spring snows turn into spring rains I am thinking about more places I want to explore in this beautiful state. I am picking up the Colorado Hikes series again and starting with a little hike right outside of Denver called Daniel’s Park.

I always have to make time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. More than ever I find myself in a constant rush. It has been really important for me to find time to slow down, put the phone down, and get outside.


Time For Some Good Old Colorado Adventuring

Living in Colorado has many places you can escape to. With so many hikes in this state, there is never a lack of adventure or a new place to run to. Even with a trail, I have been to before there is always a new turn that I haven’t taken.

Daniel’s Park is where the buffalo roam. Seriously there is a herd of them that live around here. You can see them in one of my photos, they were not close enough to get a good picture, unfortunately. Going to see these beautiful creatures is just an added bonus when you are hiking around Daniels Park.  But then there are the views.


Rocky Mountain Magic

You can’t beat getting up above the tree line to see the expansive Rocky Mountains. With the sky blue and the whisp of clouds, no other state can beat the beautiful Colorado skies. The clouds are always set up for the most beautiful sunsets. And when the sun rises the peaks turn into a magical purple. As the weather gets warmer I plan on taking in more of the magical sunsets and sunrises on a new trail every chance I get.

I will be sharing more Colorado adventures this year and more of my favorite hiking spots. Stay tuned!!


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