Dry Flower Centerpiece for Thanksgiving

My Passion for Flowers

Something that you may not know about me is I am a passionate floral designer. I learned how to make arrangements at my job at the grocery store and it has become an amazing creative outlet for me. So I decided I want to share more tips on floral arranging here on the blog.

I aim to use local and seasonal flowers whenever possible. Which made designing a Thanksgiving centerpiece tricky because there are no longer any flowers blooming here in Colorado. However, that forced me to think outside the box. And I ended up making a minimal and elegant centerpiece with dry flowers.

Where to Find Affordable Vases for Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Creating a centerpiece with flowers or dry flowers can be very affordable. The first step is to find a nice vase that is short enough that people can still see each other across the table. Either use what you already have or if you don’t have anything short enough first try visiting a thrift shop. See if anything catches your eye. There are always a ton of vases to choose from. Your centerpiece also has to be wide enough for all of your guests to enjoy no matter where they are sitting. Depending on how many people you are hosting you will want a wide enough centerpiece. That is where small bud vases come in handy because you can spread them out and fill in the empty spaces with decorative objects. I went with this option because it is relatively easier to assemble a few smaller arrangements rather than one big one. And I was able to buy these vases for only $8 from World Market.

Where to Find Affordable Dry Flowers

A dry flower centerpiece is really quite simple. And it can be extremely affordable if you pull things from your garden, or the forest or anywhere you wander through nature. I was able to pull together all the dry flowers from the garden. Plus I picked up a few pinecones from my morning walk. First, gather what you have and then if you need to fill in with more dried flowers you can also find them at Afloral or fill in with some fresh flowers too. I really like how minimal my centerpiece turned out. And the muted and neutral tones really match the late autumn season.

Add in the Decor

I decided to fill the empty spaces in with a few white pumpkins that I bought from the farmers market while it was still around. Then I pulled out my favorite wooden candlesticks that I bough from June Home Supply. My all-time favorite minimalistic home decor shop. Then I found a string of lights to add in a little ambiance. And that finished off the seasonal Thanksgiving centerpiece. I hope you enjoyed this blog post. And I hope you were able to get some ideas for your table. I was aiming to make it as simple as possible because it is important to not get worked up over this holiday with the minor details and focus on spending time with your loved ones.❤️

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