What Is Intentional​ Fashion?

My Intention with Fashion

This year I am starting to be more interested in intentional fashion and want to adopt a more minimalistic approach to my wardrobe and lifestyle. I don’t really consider myself a minimalist but I have been getting a lot of outfit inspiration from minimalistic outfits that I see on Pinterest. I’ve noticed recently that intention is a trending topic among the millennials. When the new year began and people started sharing their resolutions and goals I quickly noticed that many of us wanted to stop being impulsive with our money and actions and wanted to be more thoughtful in our everyday choices.

Prioritizing the Important Stuff

When I wake up every morning I have to ask myself how I can be intentional that day? What can I accomplish that will help me get to the next level of my goals? Even if I only have time to cross one thing off of my to-do list I make sure that it is my top priority.

” The magic you’re looking for …is in the work you’re avoiding.” So make sure you prioritize that to-do list. And get the hard stuff out of the way first.

Making the Shift Towards an Intentional Lifestyle

As I have laid out my biggest intentions and how I am going to accomplish all of them this year. I had to consider how to be more intentional on this blog. My first year of blogging was not very intentional or strategic. I spent a lot of money on clothes. Then posted content that did not serve a purpose. I want to change that this year. I want this blog to be a source for inspiration and a guide for living more of a, I am going to say it again, intentional lifestyle. That means living more simply. Buying less and experiencing more.

Taking on A Whole New Responsibility As A Intentional Fashion Blogger

In order to be a more intentional fashion blogger, I am going to be sharing my tips on buying more of what we need and how to resist impulse shopping. If you are trying to be a more intentional shopper too I highly suggest reading my last post about Building a Practical Wardrobe. It is a great place to start with lots of tips on how to organize your wardrobe and shopping strategy.

With this outfit, I wanted to try a more minimalist style approach by mixing neutral colors for an easy everyday look. I recently bought this cashmere long vest from Poshmark because I knew it would be a cozy layer that I could wear with a lot of winter outfits. I have recently saved so much money shopping at Poshmark. And I have been lucky to find things that are majorly discounted and in brand new condition. This sweater was retailed at $265 and I bought it for $70. Another perfect example that you can buy quality made clothing at affordable prices. You just have to give second-hand sources a try.  

Sharing More Re-Styled Outfits In the Future

When I started to blog I would buy completely new outfits to try and drive people to buy new stuff. But after a while, this standard model of blogging was not sustainable and really not working for me. I have learned that there is value in enjoying the clothes you own. And when you buy a new piece it is more fun to be creative and style the new with the old as many ways as possible. I will be sharing how I styled this sweater vest with more outfits soon. And I will be sharing my tips on how I restyle my wardrobe in order to create my own way of intentional fashion blogging that is inspiring, practical, and easy on your wallet.

I hope you will come back for more inspiration and tips. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Let me know how you are living more intentionally this year in the comments below! I would love to hear your tips too.

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