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Maroon Bells Travel Guide

Maroon Bells

Colorado Bucket List Adventure

The Maroon Bells are one of those spots that you have to see every season. As soon as your eyes caress every edge of these mountains you will quickly realize that witnessing this magic just once is not enough. For a girl that has lived in Colorado most of my life, I have not come close to seeing half of what there is to see here in Colorado. Every year I hear of a new spectacular place to see and my Colorado bucket list gets longer and longer.

Colorado is such an exciting place to live for all the adventure seekers. There is something for everybody. The adventures here never tire and fear the day of losing the ability to continue to explore this beautiful state. So make sure you embrace every adventure while you still can. No one wants to lie on their death bed thinking of the long list of destinations they didn’t cross off their bucket list.

Visiting the Maroon Bells

I didn’t do any research before heading up to the Maroon Bells so when we made our way up around 4 pm we were forced to turn around. We were told to come back in an hour or ride the bus up.

The Maroon Bells is a huge tourist attraction, in fact, it is the most photographed place in Colorado. And ever since Colorado has become more crowded, these easily accessible places get overrun with people, especially on the weekends. Unfortunately, beautiful places that draw a lot of people now have to be protected and regulated like your trying to get into Disney World. It is kind of sad that it has come to this.

Riding a bus kills the adventure vibe in my opinion. I don’t want to be treated like a typical tourist in my own state. So we chose to wait until 5 pm so we could drive ourselves up to the bells, which worked out for the better. We even got a pass that was good for us to come back in the morning before 8 am.

These are the best times to go up and see the Maroon Bells because you can drive up yourself and it is nowhere near as crowded as long as you go up on a weekday. Our timing could not have been any better either because once our eyes laid on the lake a moose decided to put on a show in the water. Then at the same time, we watched a black bear climb along the cliff across from where we were standing. The ranger said that it was the first time they had seen a moose in the water all year. So I counted ourselves very lucky.

Where to Next

Another summer has faded away too fast and fall is starting to fade away to fast too. We are here in the mountains now embracing the last bit of the changing aspen trees before the snow comes tomorrow. The winter season is a beautiful time of year to plan a trip to the mountains in Colorado, especially if you are a skier. But for me, I am hoping for a fast winter. And I will be planning my summer and autumn adventures in the hopes that winter will go quickly.

Colorado in the summer and fall are my favorite seasons. And I hope to cross a lot more off my bucket list this next year. I am thinking Palisade is a must (I have been dying to see the peach orchards), then I want to see Ouray during wildflowers season ( I heard there are fields of Indian paintbrushes in every color), then maybe Telluride for a fall getaway. Those are top of my list but I hope next year will be the year of endless adventure. Until then I will be working hard all winter long. What is your favorite season in Colorado? What do you hope to cross off your Colorado bucket list next? Have you seen the Maroon Bells yet? I would love to hear from you in the comments! Thanks for stopping by and I hope this blog post filled you with wanderlust and inspiration.

Outfit Details:

Hat: West Perro Top: Dôen Pants: Old Madewell – Similar here Boots: Ariat

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