Minimalism For The Planet

A New Movement

Minimalism for the planet is going to have to turn into more of a movement in the coming years. We have reached a point in humanity where we can no longer mindlessly consume all of the Earth’s resources. We are seeing signs that our planet cannot take on the human race much longer. At the rate that we are destroying our natural planet, we are headed straight into more catastrophic times. I know we are all waiting for things to go back to normal. But it is imperative for all of our futures that we develop a new normal that is more sustainable.

Start With The Minimalism Mindset Shift

Lately, I have been thinking heavily about the state of the world and minimalism for the planet has started to sound like a much more appealing lifestyle choice. I find myself starting to slowly transition into a much simpler way of living that does not require constant consumption.

So much of our existence is dedicated to buy, buy, buy. Especially around the holidays. All you have to do is click a couple of buttons and you have that new thing that you think will make your life better. But the reality is that it never does.

We quickly forget about our new shiny object and we are off buying the next thing. Filling our homes with junk that we thought was a great price but we are greatly unaware of the true cost of the items that we buy. Everything is a material that is extracted from the Earth in excessive amounts so that companies can turn a profit. Everything we buy is depleting Earth’s resources and destroying natural habitats. All so we can have the newest iPhone every year. But that is only one wasteful example.

Don’t Let Your Purchases Hold You Back From Living Your Dreams

Have you ever consider that your wardrobe is holding you back from a lot of living. I started this blog as a sustainable fashion blog and that is a topic that I still like to delve into because sustainable fashion is still a corrupt idea that is destroying the planet. And it is something I have been learning more and more, over the years.

The endless amount of time and money that goes into a wardrobe is really appalling when you stop to think about it. That notification that you get about how much time you spend on your phone is a pretty big indication of how much time you are spending shopping, because that is greatly what those devices revolve around.

Maybe clothes aren’t your vice but there is always something that we are all buying in excess. And really what it comes down to is that we don’t need any of it. We have everything we could ever need. Yet we let our insecurities dictate our mindless consumerism. The best way to combat this is to be more mindful about what you are buying. Start investing in items that you know will last a lifetime. And avoid any unnecessary impulsive items at all costs.

How much of our lives are dedicated to working jobs we hate so we can buy more stuff that we just get rid of eventually. We fill our houses full of objects that we don’t need and eventually when we are dead and gone, almost everything we own ends up in the landfill. We are being brainwashed into buying junk that serves no purpose.

The Reality of Our Possession Obsession

Have you ever been to an estate sale? They are mildly creepy in some ways. In an instant, every possession that a person holds dear is up for sale. So many of these estate sales are packed with objects that people have wasted money on. There are so many items in estate sales that hold no purpose. Yet the person felt the need to waste their money and dreams on these things. I look at all of these objects like they were dreams that somebody was never able to fulfill because they were distracted by possessing objects.

We will never recoup the time or money we lost by making these dumb mistakes. All we can do is learn from these mistakes so we can stop repeating them over and over again for the rest of our lives. We need to start considering minimalism for the planet when we are buying new things. First by buying less and then by learning how to be satisfied with everything we own. Only buying things that truly serve a long term purpose. I hope we can all consider this lifestyle approach this holiday season and start forming more sustainable traditions.

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