New Beginnings in 2021

Hey all! Don’t worry I am still here! I just haven’t made an Instagram post or blog post in a few months. Winter naturally fell into the perfect time for me to turn into a recluse so I could plan and focus more on where I want to take this little blog of mine. I have a lot of big news to share and a log of great content that I am planning for you this year. So let me share the new beginnings that are making me excited for the upcoming year.

I started my blog as a creative outlet and it really didn’t have any plan or direction. But it pulled me down the path of self-discovery and has helped me slowly uncover what makes me who I am and what makes me truly one of a kind. One thing that is hard for me is nailing down just one area of passion. I am naturally passionate about so many things, it is hard for me to pick one path. I am a dreamer. A wild dreamer in fact. If anyone else is a Pisces out there, then I am sure that you can relate to this struggle.

Pisces are dreamy, mystical, spiritual, creative, and empathetic creatures. They care about everything. This may sound nice but it is often a burden. One that can eat away at you very aggressively. Caring about everything makes you tense. Fills you with anxiety about every little thing. But empathetic Pisces dreamers carry powerful capabilities that this world needs more of. And I am ready to use my unique gifts to make this world a better place and to help others find their unique gifts so they can do the same.

Last year opened my eyes to so many issues that humanity is up against. From the pandemic to the racial injustice, to the fear, anger, helplessness, destruction, and dilution. I’ve come to realize how we have all been asleep, still are asleep to what is really going on behind the curtain. But now my eyes are wide open. I can no longer passively watch humans make the same dumb mistakes that we have been making for centuries. The only way I know how to fix everything wrong in this world is by living by example, in the hopes that some of this world will feel inspired enough to follow in my footsteps.

This blog will remain a lifestyle blog but it will be focused on a completely sustainable lifestyle that is connected to nature. My content will include gardening, plant-based cooking, herbalism, hiking, health & wellness, travel, conscious consumerism, and so much more.

I want to start contributing my passionate dreams to the universe to the fullest extent. And I have to start doing it now in the hopes of creating just one sliver of hope for the future of restoring our planet and what it means to be kind, decent, humans that can rely on one another.

Recently I moved out of my parent’s house in Parker up to Fort Collins. It is one of the biggest moves I have ever made. And one of the biggest leaps of fate. We were approved to rent a house during the holidays and we were scrambling to pack up for our new chapter by the first of the year.

What a whirlwind it has been already. But it has been a change that I have been needing to make for a long time. I have been living in the town I grew up in for far too long. And it never offered any opportunities that felt right for me. It has made me feel stuck in my adolescence and unable to go after the things that truly mattered to me. But I had to go through a lot of soul searching to even figure out what that was.

The first week in Fort Collins I felt like a plant that was suddenly uprooted. There was so much change happening all at once. But now it has been about a month and I can feel new roots start to grow.

We are busy planning our garden, a big garden. Full of organic cut flowers, medicinal herbs, and vegetables. I found a new part-time job as a floral designer in downtown Fort Collins. I am working to find a job at a local organic farm for the upcoming growing season. And applying to go to herbalism school. I also bought a new camera that I cant wait to start creating with.

It will be a busy year full of abundant opportunities. I hope you follow along and feel inspired to go find your way back to the things that make you want to live life to the fullest. There is nothing stopping you.

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