Cottonwood Bud & Mugwort Body Oil


Cottowood buds and Mugwort infused in Organic Olive Oil

Mugwort is a herb deeply connected with the energy of the moon. It helps to pull us deeper into our consciousness, trains our intuition, connects us to our ancestors, heals deep rooted anxiety, gives us room for clarity and relaxation.

Cottonwood bud oil also known as Balm of Gilead. Cottonwood contains salicin a compound used in aspirin that is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving. And is antimicrobial and anti-fungal. Also used for enchantment, love, healing, protection, friendship, joy and peace

Re- illuminate your sacred vessel. stimulate chi and blood to help heal deeply rooted pain, inflammation, and spiritual trauma. Rub a little on areas of trouble. Or Try adding to a warm bath during a waning moon.

Use for Abhyanga as a body massage oil, for muscle, joint and nerve pain, arthritis, menstrual cramps, anxiety, nervous tension, and adrenal burnout.

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All Ingredients: Organic, Wild Crafted, Biodynamic or Locally Grown

Unscented- Naturally smells like fresh autumn leaves on the forest floor. Very soothing smell.

Mugwort organically and biodynamicly grown in my garden. Cottonwood buds wildcrafted fresh in Colorado.

Made in Fort Collins, CO

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