Dream Recall & Meditation Spray


Gather The Stars Spritz- 2oz bottle

Open the Third Eye and Ground the Spirit for Meditation and Dream Recall

Mugwort, Cypress, & Aloeswood Essential Oils in cane alcohol & filtered water charged by the moon & stars.

The energy of the stars transport you to higher states of consciousness. Spritz on your pillow to initiate lucid dreaming or to calm the mind for better ease into meditation.

Mugwort helps awaken and recall the dream state, wards off nightmares, and clears day to day worries. It also heightens our awareness, and works as a psychic activator. While also protecting us from evil spirits The scent is cool, fresh & green, with hints of citrus, mint tea, rosemary & wine. ***Mugwort may cause allergic reaction in some people and should not be used when pregnant.

Cypress improves communication with th spirit world, past lives, and the fairy realm. Relieves the mind from being stuck. Allows it to deal with emotional crisis. Helps with fatigue, low energy, self doubt, and grief. Helps us connect to deeper layers of ourselves and brings us down to Earth. Gives a breath of presence when our lives are chaotic.

Aloeswood is traditionally burned as incense during meditation and tea ceremony. It evokes mental or spiritual reflection and a rekindled sense of awe for the phenomena of natural world. The scent transports us through time and space. The fragrance is woody aroma, shades of smoky, amber-y incense, honeyed tobacco, and sensuously underscored with animalic notes


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All Ingredients: Organic, Wild Crafted, Biodynamic or Locally Grown

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