Suma Root

Suma Root


Wellness Looks Different for Everyone

Wellness looks different for everyone. Each individual body reacts differently to the things we consume internally and externally. Which means one person answer to wellness is not always the same answer for others. We constantly have to experiment with what our bodies can handle and actually LISTEN to them. Do not compare yourself to me, or anyone else based on what we eat. My advice is from my own experience of trial and error. Whatever tips I share on this blog are for you to test for yourself.  I have found many wellness practices that work for me and some that don’t. I am constantly immersing myself in research about holistic food, beauty, and medicine. One thing that I have found that is certain for every human being is that our wellness is greatly dependent on the diversity of plants that we eat. If we slowly start to switch to a more plant-based diet by cutting out or occasionally swapping a meat-based meal or processed snack with real food then that is the best choice we can make for our well being.

My Wellness Journey and Tips

I am sharing more about my wellness journey on the blog in the hopes to help encourage a healthier way of living for everybody. I am here for the people who are struggling and I hope my blog becomes a resource that everyone can turn to when facing wellness obstacles. So let’s get started today. Remember wellness is a journey that is taken one step at a time. Be open-minded, consistent, and patient.

The Plant-Power of Suma Root

My newest wellness discovery that is a game changer for me is suma root. Suma root is a powerful caffeine-free energizer that is commonly called Brazilian ginseng. This highly researched plant has a long list of benefits which makes its name “para toda” meaning “all things” more suitable. The Brazilians love it for its libido-boosting properties and it is commonly used for both a sexual tonic and fertility tonic. It is a cellular oxygenator that assists the adrenals (the glands that produce hormones that help the body control blood sugar, burn protein and fat, and produces cortisol, the hormone that helps combat stress in the body.) Suma root also helps with chronic fatigue by preventing burnout. Athletes use it to help build muscle mass while preventing muscular atrophy.


Suma Root Origins and Benefits

Indian tribes in the Amazon and Central America use this root for over 300 hundred years. It is a vital herbal remedy for their way of life. It is not only used as an energizing elixir it can also prevent cancer, cure ulcers, treat acid reflux and many other diseases. Modern Brazilian herbal medicine uses Suma root to stimulate appetite and circulation, increase estrogen production, balance blood sugar, and enhance memory. For more information on the scientific research read this blog post here.

What Is A Adaptogen?

Suma root is an adaptogen, a common word I have seen pop up all over the digital wellness realm. So naturally, I had to inspect what all the buzz was about. The definition of an adaptogen is a plant that increases the body’s resistance to adverse influences of physical, chemical, and biochemical factors that have normalizing and restorative effects on the body. What piqued my interest was its use for controlling and treating stress in the body. I have been suffering from a great deal of anxiety and stress so naturally, I was excited to try this powerhouse root to see if it actually worked.


My Experience with Suma Root

It works. The first taste I felt an immediate difference. The energy boost is very different compared to coffee. I felt my spirit lift and my mood enhance. There are days I feel an overwhelming amount of happiness and it lasted all day, I did not crash. Since I have seen such powerful results that were immediate that is why I had to get on here and share this information. I hope it can help many others combating the daily stresses of life. If you end up trying it please let me know how it works for you!

Where to Buy it

I bought suma root from Anima Mundi Apothecary. This company is devoted to providing the freshest and most vibrant herbal formulas directly from the source by working with Central and  South American tribes and small farmers around the world. Their sustainable system is a direct source of “botanical alchemy” and “native wisdom”. “Our project supports true fair trade practices, permacultural outreach, supporting small businesses, and plant-based remedies that benefit people from all walks of life.” Their 200+ herbs are used to handcraft elixirs, tonics, super herbs, and bulk plants.

Rooted Elixer Chamomile Tea Recipe

Suma root is potent with a powerful earthy flavor. The first time I had it I added one tablespoon to my tea and almost couldn’t finish the drink because the taste was so overpowering. A teaspoon is plenty in my tea and smoothies and after a while, I started getting used to the flavor. Then I decided to create my own rooted elixer that compliments the earthy flavors of suma root.

2 Tablespoon of chamomile tea

1 small piece of ginger

1 small piece of turmeric

*blend the ginger and turmeric together with a little water to make a juice and strain the pulp in a tea strainer

Agave (however much your preference)

Squeeze of lemon

This tastes so good and is the perfect way to get a powerful energy boost when you need it.

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