Vegan Denver Coffee Shops And Cafes

I typically don’t eat out much. I am one of those crazy people who loves to cook at home, especially with fresh and seasonal ingredients from my local farmers. But if I am out exploring the city on the weekend, I love stopping in at a vegan-friendly coffee shop or cafe for a quick bite. I’ve explored so much of Denver throughout my life, and the places I am sharing below have become my regular spots. If you are ever in Denver, I hope you stop at one of these local favorites for a healthier take on the Colorado food scene. I live in Fort Collins now, where vegan-friendly places are very limited. So, we typically only eat out when we are passing through Denver. Denver has the best vegan restaurants if you want vegan food in Colorado. 

1. The Corner Beet

I lived in Capitol Hill, just a few blocks from the Corner Beet. It is my favorite vegan coffee shop in Denver because it has much more than just coffee. It offers a healthy, quick bite and has a wide range of options to choose from that will satisfy any craving. Their produce is organic and farm-to-table when in season, making this spot a real gem for vegans and other Earth activists. They have fresh-pressed juice, many toast options, salads, superfood lattes, baked goods, and more. My favorites are the tofu bahn mi sandwich, the turmeric pineapple cayenne smoothie, and their “Hill” toast. They have so many things I haven’t tried on the menu yet, so I often return to try something different. If I lived in the city, I would still be here daily.

2. Weathervane Cafe

The Weathervane Cafe is a cute little coffee shop. It is decorated all cutesy. It has many vintage and antiques that are all wilderness/camping themed, making you feel like you are in Colorado. Their menu is super fun and unique, with some yummy vegan options. Like the T.L.T- tempeh lettuce and tomato sandwich. And the Golden Oats. They also make their own syrups. Their signature latte is the campfire latte with smoked maple syrup and pine sugar. But I personally really love their seasonal apple cider. It is a great spot to meet a friend, or if you go upstairs, you will find a quiet spot to get some work done.

3. Black Eye Coffee Shop

Black Eye Coffee Shop in Lo-hi carries my favorite coffee roasters, Huckleberry Roasters. And what I mean by my favorite is that I will be drinking Huckleberry for the rest of my life. And yes I may be crazy spending $30 on a pound of coffee. But you have your first sip of the sweet Huckleberry nectar and can’t drink anything else. Everything else tastes cheap and lacks those juicy and robust flavors your palette didn’t know it was missing. So that automatically makes this shop a go-to for me. But they also have a great menu with essential food items. Like avocado toast elevated to the next level with pea puree and almonds. It is a great all-around hangout spot.

4. Hoja

Easily another one of my faves that opened up just last year. Their signature coffee drink is the Cafe de Olla. An iced almond milk cold brew latte with an orange slice on top. My favorite morning indulgence in the summertime. This boutique eatery is super quaint but houses so much Latin American character. The white walls, cacti in terracotta pots, and Latin American cookbooks add so much personality to the place. It is any plant lover’s dream. Sub any of their egg dishes with a tofu scramble for a vegan option. The chilaquiles and the Farmer’s breakfast burrito are a must-try. But I need to head over again soon to try more of the menu. I promise you will not be disappointed with this place. It makes a plant-based diet a breeze when visiting Denver. We hit this spot every time we visit the Pearl St Farmers Market on Sundays and always grab a burrito and coffee. 

5. True Foods Kitchen

True Foods is a chain restaurant that I discovered in Phoenix. But it is a convenient eatery located in the heart of Cherry Creek North. It is a colorful and spacious restaurant. The large menu is set up to please everyone’s dietary preferences. But with a healthy twist. I love all the plant-based options and how they serve food based on the season. I love visiting for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It is an easy choice, especially with a large group of people.

6. Huckleberry Coffee

Huckleberry Coffee Roasters on Tennyson Street is another one of my favorite coffee shops with a great breakfast menu with vegan options. They are the best coffee beans you can find in the state of Colorado and it is exciting to see more Huckleberry locations open up. I hope they put one if Fort Collins soon. It is always busy at the Tennyson location, but I love stopping in for a couple of hours to get some work done. I typically get a coffee. But the other week, I tried their vegan waffle with berry compote, bananas, and almond butter, which was the perfect treat for an early morning sweet tooth. But it was still satisfying and healthy at the same time. I highly recommend this place for a casual business meeting or a casual outing on the weekend. Then afterward, you will have to explore all the adorable shops on Tennyson. The area has become such a cute spot over the past few years. 

7. Stowaways Kitchen

Stowaways Kitchen has a Byron Bay vibe, which I am obsessed with. It is very welcoming inside and has a very relaxed atmosphere. They are located in the Rhino Art District downtown, so there is much to see and do. What’s extra special about this cafe is that they make their own cashew and strawberry milk. And their seasonal menu always draws me in because they always have something new and exciting to try.

​8. Watercourse Foods

Whenever we need more than just coffee, we typically go to Watercourse Foods. They have a 100% vegan menu most delicious vegan comfort food. I typically go for the two-piece cauliflower chicken with the vegan mac and cheese and Caesar salad. But they have a full-service coffee bar with housemade seasonal drinks if you want coffee. They used to have the best vegan danishes we would have to get every time we were in Denver. But sadly I haven’t seen them in a long time. 

9. Root Down

Root Down is often the place to be for weekend brunch in Denver. It is part of a restaurant chain that defines the Denver food scene because all its menu items are incredibly tasty and have high-quality fresh ingredients.

10. Wonder Juice

Wonder Juice is a juice bar and coffee shop based out of Boulder with another location in the heart of Lo-high. After a day hike in the mountains, their juices and smoothies are a must. But they also have an extensive coffee menu with house-made milk. My favorite thing to get is their matcha mint smoothie made with cacao nibs. It is like a healthy version of mint ice cream. 

11. City O’ City

City O’ City is a local favorite vegan spot with the most delicious food. I have been eating at this restaurant for years.  I still remember the first time I tried their seitan wings. Ever since then, I have been hooked. Their green chili-smothered burritos with a mug of Huckleberry coffee are something that I constantly crave, too. 

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